Healthy Living Lifestyle by AACC

We in America, make lifestyle changes periodically. We diet, we set New Year’s resolutions, and we even get flu shots to prevent us from getting sick. All American Carpet Cleaning provides healthy living lifestyle changes. AACC believes that having your carpets cleaned bi-annually greatly reduces contaminants in your carpets that can contribute to allergies, influenza, and many other health conditions. As we run around trying to accomplish whats on our days task, it becomes easy to overlook what we are adding to our beautiful carpets. As we know we are all organic organisms, which decay. Skin cells known as Corneocytes, decay and flake off our bodies. Ever minute we lose 30,000-40,000 of them. These dead cells, end up in the air which eventually fall to your carpet. When something decays, it attracts other living critters. These in turn feed off the decaying matter, and live and dwell in your carpets. This attracts bacteria. All American Carpet Cleaning believes that having your carpets cleaned twice a year will better your health and create a clean living lifestyle. We would love to help you and make your carpets as good as new. Call us today for a free over the phone estimate. 951-212-9873. Visit us on the web at

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